Christian Health Association of Nigeria

*VISION* Wholistic, Efficient, And Responsive Healthcare For All People In Nigeria. *MISSION* To Provide Efficient Services By Building The Capacity Of Members And To Collaborate With Partners To Improve The Health For All In Nigeria.

Fact About CHAN

-It is a Membership Organisation of over 400 Christian Faith-based Member Institutions operating throughout Nigeria.
It is a Support Giving NGO
in the areas of:
- Advocacy/Fund-Raising
- Training, Instituional and Technical Support in areas of Primary Health Care & HIV/AIDS

- Networking Information Exchange
- Drugs Supply
- Procurement & Maintenance of Essential Equipment

Support Service Unit of CHAN

The National Secretariat of CHAN has three (3) support service units:
- Advocacy & Comminications,
- Finance & Administratration.

CHAN's Philosophy

Christian Health Association of Nigeria in it's constitution reaffirms it's healing mission in Jesus'name,under the power of the Holy Spirit.
CHAN at it's National Confrence on AIDS in November 1992, resolved to take a holistic appraoch, cateringfor the spiritual and physical aspect of man. CHAN also views AIDS as a challenge, not a plague, according to Ezekiel 33:6.CHAN recognizes the love of God for all & is trusting God to provide the wisdom & strength to fight the disease, AIDS.
CHAN coordinate & support the churchs who own the health institutions, in their efforts to provide quality care to both the affected & infected.